Who Are We?

Internet Creators Journal is a news media outlet whose dedicated mission is to bring the audience the up-to-date information on the social media world. We are currently to recruiting writers to get on board for this amazing project.

What is the difference between Internet Creators Journal and Competitions?

Internet Creators Journal believes in revenue-sharing, the more people views your article, the money you will make. While most blog out there are looking for volunteer writers without even paying them.

Why Should You Become a Writer with Internet Creators Journal?

The founder of Internet Creators Journal has been a member of the Influencer Community for over six years and is well-known among Influencers, so getting big names to interview or even contributing shouldn’t be a problem.

What to expect?

We are expecting a rapid growth rate because the website is equipped with a point reward system which will incentivize visitor to become a member as points they earn on the site will be used for entering to giveaway, as well as redeem for exclusive coupons, etc.


    • Basic Understanding of Influencer Space (Do you know follow any YouTubers, Instagramer, Snapper, Viners, Muser, Younowers, etc etc, if so, you are qualified!)
    • Passion of writing
    • Willing to write at least 1 article per week.
    • No writing experience needed.

As a writer, what kind of supports do you get?

    • Tutorial on how to publish your story.
    • Technical Support
    • SEO
    • Public Relations Support
    • Daily/Weekly briefing
      • Topic suggestions, current trend in the industry, etc.


  • Blog Post

    • How does it work? You get accepted into our system and start writing anything about influencer space; sometimes we assign a writer to cover certain topics as well.
      • Compensation: Writer will be making $2.00 CPM  with the potential to increase(Cost per 1000 views) should be around $2-3, in another word, writers will make $2-3 per thousand views.
  • Ghost Writing

    • Influencers/Agencies ask Internet Creators Journal To feature them as a contributor, but neither the Influencers or Agencies doesn’t have any writer in their stuff, so they would ask us to ghost write it for them.
      • Compensation: $.05 – $ .08 per word for 200-300 words.


  1. A @internetcreatorsjournal will be assigned to you.
  2. Get to meet, and know social media influencers, which all of them will replace Hollywood and become the “celebs.”
    • This could also lead into an entry to the entertainment industry
  3. Gaining experiences in the area of Digital Media, Writing, etc.

More incentive:

In the future, you will be able to get your own Blog/Column within Internet Creators Journal, which means more ad spaces available, result in double, or triple your income. On top of that, you will be able to meet many Online Influencers at different events down the road. If you are interested, Fill in the form below or contact Harry at me@harrytsang.co

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