The case for Jake Paul & Team 10: How they should fight the ban of them making video in the whole LA?

What Jake Paul & Team 10 should do next regarding the ban of making videos by LA City/LA County? The answer is to countersue.

Recently, Jake Paul and Team 10 have run into trouble with the LA’s government authorities when come to making videos, mostly because they have been disrupting the neighborhood they live in while creating controversial contents. 

But does LA government authorities have the power to ban anyone from making video anywhere they wish? The answer is definitely no.

First of all, there have been two different contradicting reports regarding the ban, both by Drama Alert; 1. Keemstar reported Jake Paul had been banned from making videos from the Team 10 House by LA’s city officials on August 23; 2. The second report was Jake Paul had been banned from making videos within LA County on August 29. 

In author’s opinion, either action executed by government authorities is unconstitutional and is another example of government overreach.

So let’s start exploring both actions by government authorities:

First action: The city of Los Angeles has issued an order to restrict Jake Paul and Team 10 to film in their house unless they have a permit to film.

Here is the problem: According to the First Amendment of the US Constitution, the government cannot restrict free speech, and there have been numerous of court cases regarding publishing video have been fought in federal court and in favor of free speech: notably the federal case Fields vs. City of Philadelphia,

Moreover, Jake Paul and Team 10 have been making contents in their house, which is totally legal, the only people that could restrict them from making videos is the owner of the property they reside, which I believe this is not the case.

Yes, there are concerns about they are endangering the neighborhood and such. Although I agree about some of the stuff they did are in the gray area of the law and the government can prosecute them as they wish. But there is nothing in the US Constitution to restrict them, or anyone to film unless they burn their neighboring properties to the ground. It is part of the free speech, and US Constitution supersedes any state and local law. 

Second action: The County of Los Angeles has issued an order to restraint  Jake Paul and Team 10 to film ANYWHERE within The County of Los Angeles. (From Antelope Valley to San Pedro; From Malibu to Pomona)


There is a lot of problems with that restraining order if indeed issued by the county: 

1. Jake Paul and Team 10 committed the “crime” within the City of Los Angeles, not in any unincorporated land of the county, only the city could have the authority to issue such order. 

2. Public recording is protected by the first amendment of the US Constitution, no government agency has the authority to stop anyone from recording anything that is in plain view from public area, this is why paparazzi can photograph celebrity’s residence without getting into trouble, and this is why police cannot stop anyone from recording them. 

3. Nor the city or county of Los Angeles can restrict anyone from recording, only the property owner can. 

In summary, if either one of those orders were in fact issued, I think all the influencers within the greater Los Angeles area should start worry as the city or county of Los Angeles can issue an order to prevent you from filming at their home unless you comply with their permitting rules. Because most influencers are small business owners and cannot afford to go through the process to acquire permits. 

If I am Jake Paul and Team 10, what I would do? 

I would hire a lawyer to file an injunction in federal court to prevent local authorities to execute the restraining order against himself and Team 10 under the first amendment clause. Then force the city to negotiate a permanent solution or fight the case until it reaches to US Supreme Court.

Is there another way to fix the problem?

Yes, as someone who has been active in politics, I actually have a way to fix the problem without going through federal court, and everyone will be happy at the end, unfortunately, I cannot laid out the solution on here. 

Jake, or anyone from Team 10, if you are reading this article and interested to know,  you should contact me at ASAP. (Or get either Ray Diaz and Julius Dein to contact Gabriel Kenworthy to get my personal numbers)


Note: The author wrote the article based on knowledge of the subject matters without prejudice on any side.

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The case for Jake Paul & Team 10: How they should fight the ban of them making video in the whole LA?

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