Team 10’s #Zellygate, Who Is At Fault?

Jake Paul alleged Faze Banks of assaulted her assistant Meg Zelly...

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

Last week, Jake Paul posted a video claimed that his assistant Meg Zelly was assaulted her by a fellow Influencer Faze Banks, which took the already tense rivalry between Faze Banks-RiceGum-Alissa Violet (Newly Formed Cloutgang) and Team 10 into the next level. 

In Jake Paul original video, Meg Zelly claimed she was choked by Faze Banks at Warwrick, a Popular Nightclub in Hollywood, and she showed the bruises while telling her side of the story.

After Jake Paul came out with the allegation, Faze Banks quickly denied any intentional wrongdoing and plan to pursue legal action against Jake Paul and Team 10 for character assassination.

As the saga continues, many Influencers that friend with Faze Banks have been coming out in support and denounce Jake Paul.

During the course of this developing scandal, both sides have been presenting evidence publically on multiple social media platform to claim the legitimacy of their case. However,  the evidence presented by Jake Paul and Team 10 has been exposed as forgery again and again. By comparison with Jake Paul’s evidence, Faze Banks has presented multiple proofs to support his side of the story and everything that he provided to the public was authenticated by multiple third-party sources. 

Because Jake Paul did not provide solid proof to support his story, he had lost over 85k subscribers on August 19, and his subscriber growth rate has dropped over 80%. from 275k/week to 57k/week according to SocialBlade


Even with a strong indication of Faze Banks did not do anything illegal and unethical, Jake Paul’s girlfriend and fellow team 10 member Ericka Costell decided to defend Meg Kelly’s claim by accusing investigative journalist Keemstar for making fun of domestic violence and abuse. In response, Keemstar clarified he was making fun of creating fraudulent claim as well as Erika being a hypocrite. 

Also, Keemstar challenged to Erika Costell to present actual evidence of abuse allegation in exchange for him to leave YouTube or vice versa. Instead of accepting the challenge, Erika contacted Fox 11 in Los Angeles in attempt to gain public’s support, and surprisingly, the station decided to air the story without validating any evidence.


Over the weekend, Max Beaumont, then-Director of Special Projects of Team 10, who was at Warwick at the time of the alleged assault took place had been spotted by paparazzi Hollywood Fix when he left the Team 10 house with his belonging.  

In shocking development, Max Beaumont has reached out to both Faze Banks and Keemstar to tell his side of the story, which he reaffirmed Faze Banks’ claim. Emotionally, Max stated that he had lost his job and all his friends at Team 10 just to tell the truth. Then Keemstar immediately offered him an employment on air.

After an interview with both Faze Banks and Keemstar, Max has issued a statement and announce his temporary departure from social media.

Max(@whoismax)Shared at Posted

Almost immediately after the interview, UMG Events reached out to Keemstar and extended an offer to Max to work for them.

With the testimony from Max, public outrage at Team 10 has been growing at an alarming rate. So far, Team 10 haven’t issued an official statement regarding the incident. 

Will this be the end of Team 10? Tell us what you think? Which side do you take?


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Team 10’s #Zellygate, Who Is At Fault?

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