Jake Paul has raised over $12,000 in 24 hours for Houston

Jake Paul headed to Houston to help in city rebuild effort...

Around 10pm on Aug 28, Jake Paul has announced he will be heading to Houston to contribute to the effort of Houston Flood Relief. 

He is also raising money by started a GoFundMe campaign as well as donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of his exclusive Team 10 #HARVEYHELPERS Charity Shirt, as well as having a special supply gathering event at San Antonio, which is about 200 miles west of Houston.


Within the first 24 hours since he started the GoFundMe campaign, he has raised over $12,000 with 740 people donated, which translate into around  $16 per donation.


However, there has been some skepticism about Jake’s real motive from some people, including Keemstar from DramaAlert as he believes Jake Paul should not be in Houston area as there are too many uncertainties on the ground, at the same time, he accused him of heading to Houston just for publicity. 

Meanwhile, there are handful of people and news media outlet have spoken out in support of Jake’s action, including J-14 Magazine

Jake also hosted a supply drive at a Super Walmart San Antonio on Aug 29 which more than a thousand people turned out and donated two truck-full of supplies. Because of the overwhelming supports by Jake’s community, the police has to shut down the drive after it was out of control.

Footages From San Antonio’s Event:


(YouTuber LegitLooksForLife offered free taco to Jake Paul at the event)


(By The Hollywood Fix)


(CBS Affiliate - KENS 5)

Author's Op-Ed

Although it was not 100% perfect in term of execution by Jake and Team 10, but I have to say it wasn't as chaotic as the other things he had done in the past. 

On here, I would like to make an argument with Keemstar regards to the motive of Jake Paul because Jake is actually trying to help people in Houston at the time of need, and nobody should be turned away for helping others REGARDLESS of their motive. 

Moreover, Jake actually arrives in Houston at the right time as Hurricane Harvey has moved away from Houston and rebuild is possible now.

At the end, we should all wait and see how Jake and his team perform during his time over there before we should make a judgment.

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Jake Paul has raised over $12,000 in 24 hours for Houston

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